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Home » MKBHD Dubs Refreshed Model 3 the ‘Easiest to Recommend EV’

MKBHD Dubs Refreshed Model 3 the ‘Easiest to Recommend EV’

MKBHD Dubs Refreshed Model 3

After taking Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 for an in-depth test drive, influential tech reviewer Marques Brownlee(MKBHD) came away mightily impressed. In his view, the subtle but substantive upgrades elevate the electric sedan as “the easiest to recommend EV in the world right now.” Full video:

In particular, MKBHD called out the Model 3’s expanded premium feature set, rear screen, refined ride quality, and boosted build quality as major steps forward. Combined with Tesla’s trademark blistering acceleration and advanced driver aids, the revamp patches previous rough edges for a truly well-rounded EV.

When asked if the Model 3 now felt like a “mini Model S,” MKBHD clarified that while it still retains its core identity, the similarities in luxury finishings and refinement are tangible. “The feature set, adding the rear screen, and the build quality refinement — quieter ride, better suspension, etc,” he elaborated.

In response, Tesla’s Lars Moravy concurred the praise was “humbling” while asking Brownlee directly: can the enhanced Model 3 appeal to all drivers, or solely EV enthusiasts?

Moravy argued that the sedan’s all-around improvements should entice any motorist, not just the electric converted. But MKBHD’s sole caveat in recommending the EV left the door open.

The two did find common ground hoping Tesla can push legal boundaries to activate the Model 3’s dormant adaptive headlights for US drivers. But absent a regulatory change, the stalemate persists.

Overall, scoring such a glowing endorsement from one of tech’s most discerning voices validates Tesla’s refinement strategy for its high-volume sedan. MKBHD’s impressions suggest the Model 3 finally merits consideration alongside storied luxury brands for more than just its zero-emissions powertrain.

But if Tesla hopes to sway longtime holdouts like MKBHD beyond EVs, fulfilling capabilities already baked into its vehicles could be the final frontier. Wowing EV fans makes for good business – converting ICE loyalists promises total transformation.