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Home » Tesla Sentry Mode will use 40% Less Power Soon, via a Software Update

Tesla Sentry Mode will use 40% Less Power Soon, via a Software Update

Tesla Sentry Mode

Have you ever felt like your Tesla’s Sentry Mode is a bit of a power glutton? You’re not alone – even Tesla agrees that those watchful eyes drain more juice than they should. But fret not, a fix is in the works to put Sentry Mode on a bit of an electricity diet.

Great to see so many Tesla executives directly engaging with people on X lately and answering questions. A Tesla owenr fielded a question about reducing Sentry Mode’s infamous “vampire drain.” And turns out, Tesla’s already cooking up a way to slim this feature’s appetite by around 40% via an upcoming software update, Drew Baglino, SVP of Powertrain and Energy at Tesla.

Now don’t get me wrong, Sentry Mode’s a crazy helpful (if power hungry) security tool. Nothing quite like having a set of built-in eyes on the lookout whenever your Tesla’s parked. But that constant vigilance comes at a cost – like 2 miles of range per hour by some estimates.

November 4, 2023, GearMusk has post a Model Y ‘Losing’ miles overnight explained, sentry mode draining the battery, Model Y owner claimed their car inexplicably lost up to 20 miles of range overnight while parked.

That’s a pretty sweet efficiency upgrade in my book. It means you could safely run Sentry longer without returning to a fully drained battery.

While details are still scant on how exactly Tesla plans to put Sentry on a bit cleanse, signs point to optimizations like scaling back cameras when not actively detecting a threat. Smart thinking if you ask me! Either way, here’s hoping that promised Q2 update drops sooner than later.