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Ford Has Cut Prices on Some 2024 F-150 Lightning Trucks By Up to $5,500


Ford has slashed prices on select trims of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup for the 2024 model year. The Blue Oval brand is cutting up to $5,500 off certain Lightning configs to try and jolt sales.

The biggest price drop of $5,500 applies to Ford’s new-for-2024 Lightning Flash Extended Range trim, which now starts at $70,090 including destination fees. The volume XLT and Lariat trims see smaller cuts of $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

This disruptive pricing adjustment comes after Ford previously raised Lightning MSRPs across the board at the start of 2024 model year production. Clearly something had to give to spark buyer interest.

“Are they just winging this EV pricing thing?” one baffled Lightning fan asked on the forum.

Indeed, Ford’s head-scratching price flip-flops seem to indicate a distinct lack of strategy behind Lightning pricing. Just a few months ago, the truck maker stubbornly refused to cut prices despite waning demand.

With the Lightning now straddling that crucial $55-80k range for maximum federal EV tax credits, Ford may have data showing a pricing sweet spot.

Either way, if you’ve been watching Lightning prices with your truck-loving pupils dilated, now might just be the time to strike with a better deal on this fully electric hauler. Just don’t be surprised if Ford changes its mind again next quarter!

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