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Martin Brower Goes Electric With Tesla Semi Pilot, Out of their Distribution Center

Martin Brower Goes Electric With Tesla Semi Pilot, Out of their Distribution Center

While the world impatiently awaits the arrival of Tesla’s futuristic all-electric Semi on highways, one major company just got an early taste. Food service distribution leader Martin Brower recently wrapped up a pilot program putting two of the highly anticipated electric behemoths through their paces.

For a few weeks earlier this year, a pair of shiny new Tesla Semis were deployed out of Martin Brower’s Stockton, California distribution center. The battery-powered rigs pulled duty hauling goods to restaurants serviced by the facility, giving everyone from drivers to managers to engineers a first-hand look at the EV big rig experience.

So, what was the verdict on Tesla’s unconventional tractor-trailer? If driver Casey Kamp’s rave review is any indication, the Semi could be a serious head-turner: “The Tesla Semi rises above any other tractor with mobility, center seat configuration, and precise movement that allows the driver to navigate safely.”

Megan Yamaguchi, an Assistant Transportation Manager who oversaw the pilot, echoed Kamp’s enthusiasm. She highlighted how quickly Martin Brower staff adapted to the Semi’s unique features and controls. “We’ve been able to push these tractors well beyond expectations and look forward to our electric future,” Yamaguchi stated.

Of course, getting real-world mileage from an influential customer like Martin Brower is a huge win for Tesla as it preps the Semi for full-scale production. Dan Priestley, who’s leading the Semi’s engineering and program development, expressed gratitude for the “great product feedback, These demonstrations with the Tesla Semi have provided great product feedback on how to make the best class 8 truck while also showing customers how it can fit in their operations. Thanks to Martin Brower and our other very patient customers for working with us to test, develop, and refine the Semi” garnered during this trial run.

With California mandating a transition to zero-emission trucks in the coming years, Martin Brower will closely review these initial impressions as it weighs integrating Tesla’s EV hauler into its West Coast operations. Other companies will undoubtedly be watching as well to judge if the Semi lives up to its lofty promises of enhanced safety, reduced operating costs, and world-class performance.

For now, the handful of Semis deployed represent merely an appetizer for the main course Tesla still has to deliver. But if this pilot is any indication, the hunger for electric big rigs could soon be insatiable.

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