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Home » Tesla Spring 2024 Software Upgrade Is a Multi-Course Meal of Fresh Features

Tesla Spring 2024 Software Upgrade Is a Multi-Course Meal of Fresh Features

Tesla Spring 2024 Software Upgrade

You know that feeling when a big ol’ software update notification pops up on your phone, promising a cornucopia of fresh features and refinements? Well, Tesla owners are getting a full-course meal’s worth of upgrades with the newly released Spring 2024 software refresh.

If you’re piloting a Model 3 or Y with AMD chip under the hood, prepare your peepers for an overhauled in-car UI that’s clean enough for a high-end showroom. We’re talking immersive full-screen vehicle controls while parked and slick expandable visualizations for monitoring your Autopilot driving.

But Tesla didn’t stop there with the visual nip/tucks. The media player is getting glow-up too with larger controls and quick access to recently played, favorited, and queued up content. Because you know Elon can’t resist any opportunity to give his in-car experience more
streaming pizazz.

Speaking of streaming, Audible integration is along for the ride this Spring, giving owners a native app for all their audio book needs. And in a nod to its biggest entertainment partner, Tesla has added the ability to sync Spotify queues across devices and even adjust playback speeds. Bibliophiles and podcast junkies rejoise!

The Spring update is definitely heavier on the digital refreshments than some previous releases. But Tesla made sure to pack in some handy physical upgrades as well to keep that premium EV ownership experience on point.

Arguably the headliner is hands-free trunk access simply by standing behind your Tesla with the phone key in your pocket. No more wrestling with groceries to pop the rear hatch – it’s automatic open sesame based on proximity. Similarly slick is the new rear passenger display showing trip data like distance and temperature.

Then there are the driving enhancements like increased regenerative braking capability at highway speeds for newer Model S and X vehicles. Tesla says this allows more energy to be recovered and stored in the battery during deceleration. Every little EPA range boost helps.

But the surprise star of Spring’s show may be the expansion of Tesla’s “Auto Shift” beta. The advanced driver-assist feature can now automatically shift between Drive, Reverse, and Park based on its perception of surroundings. It’s an incremental step toward that self-driving future we’ve all be promised is just around the corner.

One of Tesla’s most useful safety features upgrade soon, preparing to roll out remote Sentry Mode video previews that beam encrypted clips straight to your smartphone whenever the stereoscopic surveillance system detects a potential incident.

In typical Tesla fashion, this Spring update is an eclectic Tour de Force of upgrades spanning visuals, entertainment, convenience features, and core driving behavior. Your EV may look and act a little different after installing it. Just another example of how these vehicles are perpetually evolving well after leaving the factory floor.

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