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Tesla Updated Pricing Supercharge in Europe, non-Tesla EVs Reduced from €12.99 to €9.99 per Month

Tesla supercharger

For owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles hoping to tap into the Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network, a small but meaningful pricing shift is headed their way across Europe.

Tesla has announced an overhaul to its membership model that provides discounted per kWh rates when charging at its proprietary stations. The monthly subscription fee for this perk is dropping from €12.99 to €9.99 across the continent.

The company is also introducing a new annual membership option at €100 per year, representing a 16% discount over paying the new lower monthly rate.

So what’s in it for Tesla owners themselves with this revamp? Essentially, not much is changing on their end. Model 3, Y, S, and X drivers will automatically be treated as de facto members and continue paying reduced per kWh rates without needing a separate subscription.

As Tesla puts it: “With this change, Tesla owners will continue to enjoy a seamless and fully integrated fast-charging experience at lower member prices than non-members.”

For those outside the Tesla club, this membership adjustment makes gaining access to the company’s over 14,000 European Superchargers across 30 countries a bit more affordable – important as the network opens to other EVs.

Non-Tesla drivers still need to use Tesla’s mobile app to activate a stall and charge. But now they can opt for a cheaper recurring subscription if they plan to be frequent Supercharger customers.

The changes are just the latest in Tesla’s ongoing adjustments to its European charging costs and policies as it walks a fine line between expanding access to its network while maintaining an edge for its own customers.

With more EVs hitting the road, having an affordable on-ramp to Tesla’s vast charging infrastructure through flexible membership plans could prove increasingly valuable for rivals. It’s just one more way Tesla can leverage its charging lead as the EV market continues heating up across Europe.

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