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Home » Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Civic: Lease Deal Shocker!

Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Civic: Lease Deal Shocker!

Model 3 vs. Honda Civic: Lease Deal

Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Civic lease price showdown that’s turning heads and dropping jaws. You’d think a snazzy EV like the Model 3 would cost an arm and a leg, right?

We’re talking a starting lease price of just $299 a month for the 2024 Model 3, with a down payment of $2,999. Now, compare that to the Civic Sport, you’re still guzzling gas with that thing, factoring in the average gas savings of $43 a month, the Model 3 actually ends up costing you less per month!

The 2024 Model 3 comes loaded with a ton of standard tech and features that’ll make the Civic blush. We’re talking Tesla FSD v12, a massive touchscreen, and that sleek, futuristic design that screams “I’m living in 2024!”

Of course, no car is perfect. Some folks point out that insurance for the Model 3 might be a bit higher. And yeah, it would be awesome if Tesla allowed end-of-lease buyouts. But honestly, with a deal this sweet, who needs to buy?

So, next time your friend starts talking about getting a boring old gas guzzler, do them a favor and point them towards the Tesla Model 3 lease deal. They’ll thank you later when they’re zipping around town in style, saving money on gas, and feeling like a total boss.

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