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Home » Xiaomi SU7 Teases Track Package Delivers Kit Upgrades and V8s Super Motor Models

Xiaomi SU7 Teases Track Package Delivers Kit Upgrades and V8s Super Motor Models

Xiaomi SU7 EV

In a Q&A session on its official, Xiaomi revealed it’s currently “preparing to launch a designed for the ultimate track experience kit compatible with the Xiaomi SU7.” Track package will presumably add some extra oomph to the SU7’s respectable but hardly scorching 0-60mph time in the mid-3 second range.

That’s just an appetizer for Xiaomi’s upcoming main course: brand new EV models packing its self-developed V8s high-speed motor. According to Xiaomi, vehicles equipped with this Super Motor drivetrain will start rolling off assembly lines by the end of 2024 and truly deliver that tire-shredding track performance EV fans crave.

As for the SU7 itself, Xiaomi says its target is to hit 10k units of monthly production capacity by June before continuing to ramp up deliveries, (Xiaomi SU7 EV Reservations Blaze Past 50K in Under 27 Minutes).

Of course, bold ambitions around performance cars and rapid manufacturing growth are one thing, executing on those plans is another beast altogether. Xiaomi will have to prove it can match the production prowess and electrified motorsport chops of more automakers like Tesla, BYD that have been making EVs for years.

Still, the demand for electrified speed clearly isn’t going away anytime soon. Carmakers from legacy brands to plucky upstarts like Xiaomi all seem intent on bringing high-performance fully electric lineups to market. If the Chinese tech juggernaut can deliver on its Super Motor V8s promise, it may just give enthusiasts one more reason to go electric without sacrificing thrills.

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