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SpaceX is Now Selling Starlink Directly on Target’s Website


In an ongoing push to go more mainstream, SpaceX has added a major new sales outpost for its Starlink satellite internet service: The big box retailer recently began offering SpaceX’s newest “V4” Starlink dish for $599—the standard price for the hardware.

Customers who purchase the dish through Target can then activate their Starlink service and sign up for either the residential or portable “roam” internet plan directly with SpaceX. Seem convenient? That’s likely the idea.

The Target listing initially surfaced earlier this month, Starlink website has updated to confirm retail availability through the Target partnership.

The move to sell through Target builds on SpaceX’s existing efforts to make its satellite internet solution more widely accessible in the US market, already partnered with major retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot for in-store Starlink sales.

There have even been temporary promotional Starlink displays spotted at Costco warehouses around the country.

As impressive as its orbital internet tech may be, SpaceX knows reaching mass consumer adoption means putting Starlink front-and-center anywhere potential customers might be browsing.

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