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Move Over Gas Guzzlers, Pepsi Announced that they have taken Delivery of more Tesla Semi Trucks

Tesla Semi

PepsiCo announced a major expansion of its electric vehicle fleet with the arrival of 50 Tesla Semi trucks at its Fresno manufacturing and distribution hub. The all-electric Class 8 Semis, along with 75 Ford E-Transit electric vans hitting the road across California, mark a big leap in PepsiCo’s quest to cut emissions from its famous blue trucks.

Pepsi has released a video on CNN showcasing the impressive range of the Tesla Semi, which was posted on January 26, features the Tesla Semi driving from Pepsi’s production facility in Modesto, California to the company’s distribution center in Los Angeles.

“Electrifying our fleet is core to our pep+ sustainability strategy of reaching net-zero emissions by 2040,” said John Dean, President of PepsiCo’s West Division beverages unit. “Swapping diesel burners for EVs is a no-brainer – it’s good for the planet, our bottom line, and the communities we serve.”

PepsiCo’s Fresno facility, a 170,000 square foot mega-warehouse that pumps out Pepsi, Gatorade, Rockstar and other beverages, has been prepping for the arrival of its Tesla Semi trucks. The site now boasts eight massive 750kW chargers capable of quickly refueling the battery-powered big rigs, plus two Megapack battery storage units to offset usage during peak hours.

Tesla Semi trucks themselves are the star attraction, with a range of 500 miles, killer acceleration thanks to tri-motor propulsion, and active safety features, they represent the cutting edge of electric trucking. PepsiCo landed its order back in 2017 when the Semi was first unveiled, becoming one of Tesla’s first commercial customers.

Purchase of 50 Semis is just the start – PepsiCo has hundreds more reserved as it works to convert its entire freight fleet to zero-emissions EVs by 2040, expect to see a lot more of these trucks emblazoned with the iconic Pepsi logo delivering a fresher take on road beverages.

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