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Volkswagen ID.7 Sedan Launch Gets Delayed in Puzzling US/Canada Retreat

Volkswagen ID 7

In a move that’s raising more than a few eyebrows, Volkswagen just announced an abrupt delay for the US and Canadian launches of its crucial ID.7 electric sedan. All-electric follow-up to VW’s aging Passat was originally slated to hit American dealers sometime in 2024. But according to a terse statement from the automaker, those plans are now being pushed back to some indeterminate future date.

“Volkswagen is committed to making market-driven choices while listening to our customers,” the company stated, failing to provide any concrete details. “As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID.7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada.”

It’s a puzzling move, to say the least, ID.7 has been on sale across Europe since 2023, with VW touting the stylish sedan as a core part of its electric vehicle offensive alongside the ID.4 SUV. Packing a range of around 300 miles from its biggest 86kWh battery pack, the ID.7 seemed poised to offer compelling daily driving capabilities at a mainstream price point.

Volkswagen ID.7

So what gives? Some pundits are pointing to early sales figures showing a sluggish start for the ID.7 in its home market of Germany. Just over 2,000 units were reportedly sold in the first 9 months, a paltry sum even accounting for the car’s newness. For comparison, Germans were still snatching up around twice as many gas-powered Passats each month over that period.

Market Adjustments or Misfire?

Of course, VW counters that it’s simply “listening to customers” and making smart “market-driven choices” by holding the ID.7 stateside – at least for now. The much-anticipated Project Trinity flagship is also likely playing a role, with some rumors suggesting an accelerated US rollout timeline could be cannibalizing more mainstream EVs like the ID.7.

But actions speak louder than words, and this 11th-hour about-face has to sting for VW’s American division. After all the hype, the ID.7’s no-show begs the question: Has VW’s electric strategy suffered a misfire right out of the gate? Or is this just a temporary pivot as the legacy automaker retools for its hugely ambitious EV roadmap? The saga continues to unfold.

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