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Home » SpaceX Officially Started Selling $599 Starlink Mini Dish Optional $30/Month Data Plan

SpaceX Officially Started Selling $599 Starlink Mini Dish Optional $30/Month Data Plan

SpaceX's Starlink Mini Is Here to Make Satellite Internet Portable

SpaceX is taking its Starlink satellite internet on the road with an ultra-portable starlink mini dish now available for purchase. Starlink Mini packs serious connectivity into a remarkably tiny package, opening the door to mobile broadband in true Elon fashion.

SpaceX has officially started selling Starlink Mini as an invite-only upgrade for existing residential customers. The teensy user terminal will run you $599 to start, plus an extra $30 monthly fee for the new “Mini Roam” 50GB mobile data allotment (with overage charges of $1/GB thereafter).

So what makes the Starlink Mini worth the premium over the standard dish? For one, it’s an astonishing 63% lighter and far more compact at “a little bigger than a piece of paper.” This miniaturized dish won’t just fit in your backpack – it’ll leave plenty of room for other essentials too.

Don’t let the diminutive dimensions fool you. Starlink Mini still promises those signature low-latency satellite speeds topping 100Mbps for HD streaming or other data-intensive tasks. It’s just doing so in a radically more portable footprint that can easily tag along on your next nature getaway.

Of course, launching a new space internet revolution ain’t cheap. SpaceX admits the $599 starter kit is an “introductory price” aimed at offsetting the increased bandwidth demands of mobile users. Presumably, the sticker shock will ease over time as more Starlink satellites achieve global coverage.

Starlink Mini deliveries begin rolling out next month to the first round of invite recipients. If you’re lucky enough to get the call, just don’t expect to waltz into your nearest Best Buy and snap one up yet – for now, these pint-sized portable connectivity pucks are a Starlink subscriber exclusive.

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