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SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Dishes Are Invading Walmart’s Shelves


You’ll soon be able to impulse buy SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet dishes right alongside the bloomin’ onions at Walmart. It looks like SpaceX is starting to sell Starlink dishes through another major US retailer in Walmart, joining the likes of Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot in Elon’s quest for maximum retail saturation.

The official Starlink website support pages were recently updated to list Walmart as an authorized seller, even providing a direct link to the big box store’s online listing for the new $499 Starlink dish. Though bizarrely, Walmart seems to have missed the memo on that lower $499 price for now — their website lists the dish at the previous $599 price point.

SpaceX's Starlink Internet Dishes Are Invading Walmart's Shelves

Regardless of the mixed pricing signals, having Starlink dishes available at the retail juggernaut that is Walmart is certainly a power move for SpaceX’s broadband internet ambitions. SpaceX has been covering all its bases with aggressive promotions and discounts aimed at accelerating subscriber growth.

From limited-time “regional discounts” of $200 off in select states to bundling free months of service with third-party retail purchases, it’s clear SpaceX is doing everything possible to make Starlink as appealing (and accessible) as humanly possible right now.

There are actually some benefits to buying your Starlink kit from the big box stores versus ordering direct. Walmart, for instance, is honoring a 90-day return window on Starlink dishes compared to just 30 days direct from SpaceX. They’re also tossing in free shipping for a relatively bulky item.

So if unparalleled satellite internet convenience at your local retailer is the future you crave, simply swing by the electronics section and scoop up your very own $499 bucket o’ broadband.