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Home » Amazon Project Kuiper Hits Turbulence: Starlink Rival Delayed to Q4 2024

Amazon Project Kuiper Hits Turbulence: Starlink Rival Delayed to Q4 2024

Amazon Project Kuiper

It’s no secret that Amazon’s been itching to get a piece of the satellite internet pie. But as it turns out, whipping up a constellation of high-tech space gadgets isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Steve Metayer, Project Kuiper’s vice president of production operations, put it plain and simple: “Building advanced communications satellites at this scale is incredibly complex,” from Amazon blogs.

Despite the setback, Amazon’s not throwing in the towel. The company’s still gung-ho about shipping its first completed production satellites this summer, with an eye on a full-scale Kuiper mission in Q4 aboard a ULA Atlas V rocket.

While the delay’s got space enthusiasts tapping their feet, Amazon’s been busy as a beaver at its Kirkland, Washington facility. The company’s pulled out all the stops, inventing new ways to test hardware without compromising on reliability or safety. At full tilt, this cosmic factory’s set to churn out up to five satellites per day. Now that’s what I call a production line!

Amazon’s not just dipping its toes in the satellite waters – it’s diving in headfirst, planning to build and ship over 3,000 satellites from its new facility in the coming years. Most of these space-bound gadgets will head to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where they’ll get dolled up with dispenser systems and rocket fairings before their big debut.

Some satellites will make their way to the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, hitching a ride on Arianespace’s shiny new Ariane 6 rocket.

Despite the delay, Amazon’s keeping its chin up. The company’s still confident it’ll start beaming internet to customers by next year. But with SpaceX’s Starlink already up and running, one can’t help but wonder: Will Project Kuiper be able to catch up, or is it destined to be a cosmic also-ran?