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XPeng XNGP: Unleashing Nationwide Autonomous Driving with a Bold Blacklist Approach


World of autonomous driving, XPeng Motors is about to floor it. Xpeng head of autonomous driving, Li Liyun, just dropped a bombshell: XNGP, their intelligent driving system, is getting a major upgrade that’ll give it nationwide driving chops. What does “nationwide driving” really mean in the maze of self-driving jargon?

Li Liyun, clearly not one to beat around the bush, broke it down for us mere mortals. Turns out, there are two ways companies are tackling this beast:

Picture this: You’re at an exclusive club, and only the VIPs on the list get in. That’s essentially how many carmakers are approaching nationwide driving. They’re cherry-picking specific roads or users who meet certain criteria. It’s like dipping your toes in the water before taking the plunge.

Now, here’s where XPeng is turning heads. Their XNGP system is taking the blacklist route. In layman’s terms, it’s like saying, “Drive anywhere you want, except for these no-go zones.” We’re talking full access for all users, barring a few restricted areas like top-secret locations.

Li Liyun’s not shy about tooting XPeng’s horn. He claims this blacklist approach puts XNGP at the cutting edge of autonomous driving tech.

The Road Ahead for XNGP

This game-changing update is set to hit the streets this July. It’s a bold move that could either catapult XPeng to the front of the autonomous driving race or leave them eating dust.

While XPeng’s cooking up a storm in China, company chairman He Xiaopeng’s been playing Sherlock Holmes on the streets of California. He’s been putting Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) V12.3.6 and Waymo’s autonomous vehicles through their paces.

XPeng's Chief Takes Tesla and Waymo for a Spin: The Race for Autonomous Driving Heats Up

He Xiaopeng not pulling any punches. He’s dishing out praise and criticism like a seasoned food critic at a tech buffet. Waymo apparently took the crown in downtown San Francisco, but Tesla’s FSD V12.3.6 was the real MVP on Silicon Valley roads and highways.

He Xiaopeng not above a little “borrowing” of ideas. He’s already plotting to incorporate some of FSD’s best features into XPeng’s offerings. In the cutthroat world of autonomous driving, it seems imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Xiaopeng seeing big things, says 2025 will be the ‘ChatGPT moment’ for fully autonomous driving. Just like ChatGPT shook up the AI world, Xiaopeng’s predicting a similar earthquake in the self-driving car landscape.