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Tesla Update 2024.26: adds YouTube/Amazon Music, Parental controls, Weather Forecast and Air Quality

Tesla 2024.26 software update

Tesla’s latest software update version 2024.26, comprehensive upgrade introduces a suite of features that enhance both the driving experience and vehicle functionality. From entertainment options to safety measures, Tesla’s newest offering is set to transform how owners interact with their cars.

Version 2024.26 update brings YouTube Music and Amazon Music to Tesla’s infotainment system. This addition expands the range of audio entertainment available to drivers and passengers, allowing for a more personalized in-car experience.

Tesla has integrated local weather forecasts and air quality data into the vehicle’s display. Drivers can now access detailed weather information, including temperature highs and lows, precipitation chances, and air quality index (AQI) values. This feature requires Premium Connectivity and provides valuable environmental awareness to users.

One of the standout additions in this update is the introduction of Parental Controls. This feature allows owners to set:

  • Maximum speed limits
  • Acceleration restrictions
  • Mandatory safety features
  • Night curfew notifications

These controls are PIN-protected and can be managed through the vehicle’s touchscreen or the Tesla mobile app, offering peace of mind to parents of young drivers.

The new update introduces the ability to navigate to sub-destinations, allowing for more efficient trip planning. This feature is particularly useful for multi-stop journeys or when exploring new areas.

Tesla update 2024.26 introduces scheduled charging and preconditioning options. These features allow owners to optimize their vehicle’s energy usage and ensure comfort before entering the car.

This software update represents Tesla’s commitment to continual improvement and innovation. By introducing these new features, Tesla is not only enhancing the functionality of its vehicles but also addressing specific needs of its diverse customer base.