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Xpeng MONA M03: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicles, August Launch


In a livestream, Chairman of Xpeng Motors unveiled the company’s latest sub-brand model MONA M03. Set to launch in August, this EV represents a significant step forward in the automotive industry. With mass production already underway, MONA M03 is poised to make a substantial impact on the EV market.

Xpeng MONA M03 draws inspiration from the Tesla Model 3, which kickstarted the electric vehicle revolution six years ago. As Xpeng’s debut model under its new sub-brand, MONA M03 aims to build upon this legacy while carving out its own unique identity in the market.

While positioned at a more accessible price point, MONA M03 is far from a basic electric vehicle. These features collectively enhance the driving experience, setting a new standard for affordable electric vehicles.

MONA M03 seamlessly combines form and function. Its coupe stance and fastback roof not only convey a sporty aesthetic but also offer significant aerodynamic advantages. The vehicle’s low, wide body, with a width-to-height ratio of 1.31, contributes to its impressive drag coefficient of 0.194. This aerodynamic efficiency translates to superior performance and extended range.

MONA M03’s exterior showcases Xpeng’s commitment to innovative design. Key features include:

  • Sporty body kit
  • 19-inch spoked wheels
  • Digital starlight lights
  • Concave lines and black C-pillar trim
  • High-definition side and rear cameras
  • Hidden door handles

The first batch of Xpeng MONA M03 vehicles will be available in five distinct colors, including the eye-catching Starry Blue and Starry Beige.

Despite its sleek exterior, the MONA M03 doesn’t compromise on interior space. The vehicle boasts a 621-liter trunk, surpassing the cargo capacity of many mid-sized SUVs. This generous storage space enhances the vehicle’s practicality for everyday use.

Recognizing the diverse needs of drivers, Xpeng has equipped the MONA M03 with various smart driving options. This flexibility allows users to tailor their driving experience to their individual preferences and requirements.

MONA M03 is now available for reservation, with prices set to remain under 200K RMB. This competitive pricing strategy positions MONA M03 as an attractive option for consumers looking to enter the electric vehicle market.

As the automotive world eagerly awaits the August launch, it’s clear that MONA M03 is charged and ready to electrify the EV market.