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DJI Avinox: Powering the Future of E-Bikes, Compact Drive System

DJI Avinox E-Bikes

The cycling industry is witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of DJI Avinox, an innovative electric assist system for bicycles. This groundbreaking technology, developed by the renowned drone manufacturer DJI, is set to transform the e-bike market. How DJI Avinox is poised to reshape the future of electric bicycles.

DJI Avinox offers bicycle manufacturers an opportunity to integrate cutting-edge electric assist technology into their products. Flexibility allows brands to customize their offerings, catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

The Amflow PL electric mountain bike is the first to feature the DJI Avinox system. With an expected price range of 7,000 to 12,000 euros, it’s positioned as a premium product in the European market, slated for release in Q4 2024.

DJI Avinox E-Bikes

Weighing just 2.52kg (excluding the battery), DJI Avinox system doesn’t compromise on performance. It offers two battery options – 600Wh and 800Wh – providing impressive range and longevity.

The system supports Gan 3X fast charging, allowing the 800Wh version to charge from 0% to 75% in merely 1.5 hours. This feature ensures minimal downtime for riders.

DJI Avinox offers four assist modes: Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo. Additionally, a manual Boost mode delivers up to 120Nm of torque and 1000W of output power for short bursts.

Features a 2-inch OLED screen with 326ppi and 800 nits brightness, ensuring clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. It’s designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and operable with wet hands.

With Bluetooth support and wireless smartphone connectivity, DJI Avinox system offers features like data synchronization, automatic unlocking, and anti-theft capabilities.

The introduction of DJI Avinox is likely to spur innovation among e-bike manufacturers. Its advanced features and customizable nature may set new standards in the industry, potentially influencing future e-bike designs and capabilities.

As the e-bike market continues to grow, the DJI Avinox system stands out as a testament to technological advancement in cycling. Will this innovation propel DJI to new heights in the e-bike world?

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