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NIO Achieves Major Milestone with 2,439 Battery Swap Stations and 22,755 Charging Piles


As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, NIO has emerged as a frontrunner in developing robust charging infrastructure. The company’s June charging report showcases significant strides in battery swap technology and charging capabilities, (Nio Charges Full Speed Ahead with Massive Battery Swap and Charging Expansion), solidifying NIO’s position as a leader in the EV industry.

NIO Energy services recently celebrated its 6th anniversary. As of June, NIO has established an impressive network of 2,439 battery swap stations and 22,755 charging piles across various regions.

In June alone, NIO added 12 new battery swap stations and 160 charging piles to its network. This expansion resulted in 2,066,358 battery swaps and 1,922,141 charging services for the month, demonstrating the high utilization of NIO’s infrastructure.

NIO has officially launched its latest 4th gen charging and swapping products in several cities, these advanced solutions aim to enhance the charging experience for NIO users.

NIO’s commitment to global expansion is evident in its European operations. The company recently opened its 45th European battery swap station in Bavaria, Germany, strategically located to serve users traveling between Germany and Austria.

With 3,841 charging stations and 22,755 charging piles, NIO leads domestic car brands in charging infrastructure. The company has provided over 42 million charging services, showcasing the scale of its operations.

NIO has successfully integrated over 1.05 million third-party charging piles into its network, significantly expanding the charging options available to its users. NIO’s relentless focus on expanding and improving its charging infrastructure is powering the company’s growth in the EV market.

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