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Tesla Model Y Joins Government Procurement Catalog in China, Marking a Significant Milestone

Tesla China

In a significant move towards equal treatment of domestic and foreign enterprises, Tesla’s Model Y has been making inroads into Chinese corporate and government fleets. This development signals a shift in procurement policies and highlights the growing acceptance of foreign-made electric vehicles in China’s public sector.

Several state-owned enterprises in Shanghai’s Lingang New Area, including Chengtou Xingang Group and Lingang Toukong Group, have recently acquired Tesla Model Y vehicles for their corporate fleets. This initiative aligns with the area’s commitment to implementing equitable procurement policies for both domestic and foreign enterprises.

July 1, foreign investment work symposium in Beijing emphasized the importance of treating domestic and foreign enterprises equally in government procurement activities. Policy aims to foster a market-oriented, law-based, and international business environment, encouraging participation from both domestic and foreign enterprises in various procurement processes.

In a groundbreaking development, Tesla Model Y has been included in Jiangsu Province’s government car procurement catalog. Marks the first instance of Tesla being incorporated into a government procurement list nationwide, setting a precedent for other provinces to follow.

The “Framework Agreement for the Procurement of New Energy Vehicles by Party and Government Agencies, Institutions, and Group Organizations in Jiangsu Province for 2024-2025” officially lists the Tesla Model Y as an option. This inclusion represents a significant milestone for Tesla in China’s public sector market.

The inclusion of Tesla Model Y in government and corporate fleets has far-reaching implications for the electric vehicle market in China. It not only validates Tesla’s product quality and appeal but also paves the way for other foreign EV manufacturers to compete on equal footing with domestic brands.