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Porsche’s Plotting Some Seriously Long-Range EVs, Offer up to 1300 km of range


Porsche may be cookin’ up the tech to build fully electric models with a whoppin’ 1300 km of range. Turns out the folks in Stuttgart have some big plans when it comes to batteries.

Porsche’s only interested in the good stuff: high-silicon anodes, solid-state batteries, the works. They’re lookin’ for batteries with at least 30% more energy density, minimum.

Porsche’s got some lofty demands when it comes to batteries: high energy density and fast charging/discharging, we’re talkin’ High performance and ultra-fast charging here, just like other automakers. Thing is, Porsche can stomach a higher cost and lower volume. That’s the real difference between Porsche and everyone else on the battery front.

No surprise there, given Porsche’s the only ultra-luxury brand that’s actually profitable. Remember, these are the same folks that built the first 800V product, the Taycan. That tells ya everything you need to know.

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To hit their goals, Porsche’s exploring two options. One is Quantumscape, the solid-state battery company Volkswagen Group’s invested in. They’re whipping up solid-state battery samples with over 350 Wh/kg and 1000 Wh/L, enough to power a fully-electric Porsche 911. For Porsche, volume density might matter more than energy density, and the 911’s not exactly roomy.

The second is Cellforce, a joint venture between Porsche and German battery maker Customcells. Cellforce’ll use high-silicon anode materials from Group14 Lithium-Silicon Battery Materials, another electrochem outfit Porsche’s invested in. Those materials can boost energy density by 30%, and Cellforce aims to start mass producing ‘em next year. Cellforce is planning to start production in batches next year, and the COO, Markus Gräf, was also previously responsible for the Taycan’s high-voltage architecture.

At the end of the day, though, the big battery players’ll have to innovate first for costs to drop enough. Porsche’s demands don’t exactly come cheap, if you know what I mean. But you can bet Porsche’s dream EVs are gonna be worth the wait. These cars are gonna be seriously next-level when they drop!

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