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Li Auto announced first Pure Electric MPV model Li Auto MEGA

Li auto MEGA

Li Auto just dropped some major news at their Li Auto Family Technology Day, has announced the release of its first pure electric MPV model, the Li Auto MEGA (internally code as “Li auto W01”), unveiled their new 5C battery technology which can deliver a whoppin’ 400 kilometers of range, charging in just under 10 minutes.

Li Auto’s convinced the MEGA will dominate sales of high-end EVs over 500,000 RMB. “We’re confident it’ll become the best-selling vehicle of its kind, no matter the energy source or body type,” they said. “The MEGA will redefine what families expect from a ‘car and home’ and create an all-new ‘happy family’ experience on the road.”

The MEGA’s supposed to have all the fixin’s of a proper MPV like sliding doors, tables, funky fold-down seats, tons of screens, fridge and all. power system uses an 800V high-voltage platform and is equipped with CATL 4C Kirin batteries, Li Auto first foray into the MPV segment.

At the event, Li Auto also announced they’ve built over 400,000 vehicles so far. But the real showstopper was the new 5C batteries. Li Auto’s solved one of the biggest headaches for EV owners: slow charging speeds. Their new tech can handle 500kW of power, turning a 100kWh battery into 400km of range in under 10 minutes. In 22 minutes you’ll get 600km. That’s faster than filling up your tank!

Li Auto’s going all in on these 5C batteries and plans to build over 300 supercharging stations by the year’s end, aiming for 3,000 by 2025. These futuristic stations will have charging robots automatically connect your vehicle as soon as you pull in. The whole experience is designed to outdo refueling without you lifting a finger or stepping outside.

Li Auto’s Vice President of Intelligent Space, Gou Xiaofei, stated that the company has not abandoned pure electric technology outside of extended-range routes. With the maturity and implementation of high-voltage fast charging technology, Li Auto has officially entered the pure electric race. The company believes that in the long run, the new energy race will be a combination of hybrid and pure electric vehicles, and with the addition of pure electric vehicles, the entire new energy market will have a more complete layout, representing the “electric energy” part of Li Auto’s dual-energy strategy.

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