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Home » 2024 BMW i5 Touring EV Is Nearly Here: The Electric Wagon We’ve Been Waiting For?

2024 BMW i5 Touring EV Is Nearly Here: The Electric Wagon We’ve Been Waiting For?

2024 bmw i5 Touring

BMW’s dipping its toes into the electric touring scene, and we might just see the fruits of that labor before year’s end. The German automaker’s gearing up to unveil its i5 Touring, an all-electric variant of BMW’s popular 5 Series wagon, according to recent spy shots. If the rumor mill’s churning out anything legit, the i5 Touring could hit European roads in just a few months’ time.

Judging by the spy shots, BMW’s kept the i5 Touring’s design pretty hush-hush. Though the wagon’s exterior stays sleek and low-slung like any proper touring car, most of it’s still wrapped up tight. What we can see looks nearly identical to the upcoming i5 sedan, from the angular front end to the rounded rear. Like its four-door sib, the i5 Touring’s probably gonna share the new 5 Series’ style with a techier, ultra-modern twist.

As for what’s under the hood, BMW’s likely to cram the same powertrains from the i5 sedan under the Touring’s hood. That means buyers can pick between a single-motor 335hp option with a hearty 400Nm of torque or a 590hp dual-motor setup putting out a whopping 820Nm. The single-motor choice can apparently do 0 to 100kph in around six seconds, while the dual-motor rockets to 100kph in just four. Both use an 83.9kWh battery for a solid 295-mile max range on the easy-output model or 256 miles for the powerhouse.

With the i5 Touring, has BMW finally given us the electric wagon of our dreams? We’ve been clamoring for more plugin options as alternatives to hulking SUV and crossovers, and the i5 Touring could fit the bill. The new 5 Series is a looker, too, so its electrified Touring variant promises both the space of a wagon and next-gen BMW styling. Eighth-generation 5 Series sedan was released in May 2023 (2024 BMW Unveils 8th Generation 5 Series Sedan and All-New i5 EV), i5 Touring’s slated to debut alongside its sedan counterpart this October, so grab your charging cables, folks – the era of electric touring might just be here.

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