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Home » BMW Motorrad unveiled ConnectedRide smartglasses with New E-Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad unveiled ConnectedRide smartglasses with New E-Motorcycle

bmw-ConnectedRide smartglasses

BMW Motorrad unveiled ConnectedRide smartglasses for riders that puts a fighter jet-style heads-up display right before your eyes.

BMW’s new e-motorcycle packs some serious punch under the hood, cranking out up to 11kW of power, hitting 95km/h at top speed, and going 90km on a single charge. For those riders who don’t need all that juice, BMW’s also offering a 4kW version with a more modest top speed and range. Either way, you’re looking at one sweet ride. Charging back up is a cinch too, thanks to the standard 0.9kW charger or optional 1.5kW fast charger.

Now for the real futuristic fireworks – BMW’s new ConnectRide smartglasses. These specs are tailored made for riding, displaying your speed, gear, route info and more right before your eyes, kinda like the head-up display in BMW’s cars. The glasses run for up to 10 hours on a charge and will set you back 690 euros.

With the ConnectRide glasses on, everything a rider needs to see is right in their line of sight. No more glancing down at the gauges or handlebars and losing focus of the road ahead. The glasses sync to your smartphone through an app, so you can check maps, music controls or whatever and beam that info to your handlebars before and during your ride.

BMW says motorcyclists have to be the most defensive drivers out there, so giving riders a way to stay fully focused on the road around them is a big deal. The ConnectRide glasses do just that, acting as a digitally-enhanced extension of a rider’s field of view.

The specs look a lot like a big pair of shades, with the right lens displaying the speedo, tach, nav directions or other critical info to the rider. The effect is pretty similar to the head-up HUD display in many BMW cars. The glasses were designed specifically for motorcycling and BMW offers prescription lens adapters for riders who already wear glasses.

bmw-ConnectedRide smartglasses

Between its high-tech, eco-friendly new e-motorcycle and futuristic smartglasses, BMW has thrown down the gauntlet. The ConnectRide glasses especially give a tantalizing peek at what the future may hold for motorcycling.

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