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MG Motor’s 2024 New All-Electric Roadster is Shockingly Affordable?


MG Motor just dropped interior pics of their 2024 new all-electric two-door roadster, the MG Cyberster, and it looks like this retro-futuristic EV won’t break the bank. The Cyberster draws inspo from MG’s long history of crafting iconic British roadsters, but with an atomic twist. MG plans to debut this shockingly affordable electric roadster at next week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed before hitting the market in 2024, starting at just £55,000 for the single-motor version and £65,000 for the dual-motor.

The 2024 Cyberster’s interior is anything but traditional. It ditches the usual center screen for three wraparound LCD instrument panels in front of the driver. The steering wheel is a double-spoke flat-bottom number, and the whole interior is swathed in leather, from the door panels to the center console to the seats. According to MG, the center control panel is made of crushed carbon fiber, and the Y-shaped sports seats add to the visual drama.

On the outside, the 2024 Cyberster takes cues from the Tesla Roadster with its two-seat design and soft-top convertible. But MG looked to atomic energy for inspo, giving the Cyberster parameterized textures and a totally new front bumper for a sporty retro-futuristic vibe.


2024 Cyberster is a small but mighty beast, measuring 4535mm long, 1913mm wide, and 1329mm tall, with a 2690mm wheelbase. The streamlined body has an aggressively lowered front end since there’s no engine under the hood. The huge vents in the exaggerated front bumper improve aerodynamics, while the muscular sides feature gullwing doors and hidden door handles. Out back, the taillights are integrated into an aerodynamic spoiler, and the turn signals are stylized as massive arrows.

The entry-level single-motor 2024 Cyberster will pump out 231kW of power, while the dual-motor version combines a 150kW front motor and 250kW rear motor. No word yet on range, but as a niche sports car, the Cyberster likely won’t boast huge numbers. Even so, with a starting price under £60,000, the MG 2024 Cyberster could make an all-electric sports car more accessible than ever. The future is here, and it’s shockingly affordable!

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