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Kawasaki Unveils Electric Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 Motorcycles Set to Electrify the Market

Kawasaki Ninja Z e-1

Kawasaki has been charging ahead in the two-wheeled EV space, recently submitting certifications that kick energy into its upcoming electric models. The Japanese manufacturer provided juicy details on its Ninja e-1 and Z e-1, which are revving up for launch in the US and Australia soon.

These electron-powered beauties have performance equating a 125cc gas bike, but with removable battery packs and an e-boost zap of extra power. According to the certification documents, Kawasaki’s dynamic duo will pack a 9kW (continuous output) electric motor and two battery packs totaling 3kWh. The batteries can jettison from the bike separately, weighing in around 24kg together.

The Ninja e-1 tipts the scales at 139kg, while the Z e-1 is a lighter 135kg. Styling-wise, Kawasaki electrified the looks of the gas models. The Ninja e-1 channels the iconic Ninja with its sharp front end, split LED headlights, and a transparent windshield, while the Z e-1 adopts the compact shape of the Z400 with some similar design cues.


Both boast split seats, alloy wheels, USD front forks, and a mono-shock rear suspension. For braking, disc brakes handle things up front and at the rear. A leaked image also revealed a TFT dash that displays individual battery levels. Riders can get an extra surge of power with E-Boost mode or use Walking Mode for moving the bike slowly – no kickstands needed!

The electric models mark a shift for Kawasaki, which has largely stuck to gas-powered two-wheelers. Now it seems ready to jolt the motorcycle market with these electrified rides. With removability, the battery packs dodge long charging times, providing freedom for longer adventures. Plus, the performance specs give both bikes some real torque.

Will the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 spark sales for Kawasaki? We’ll have to wait until they officially zap onto roads, but one thing’s for certain: these sleek new electric models are charged up and ready to go. The motorcycle market better get ready for a shock to the system in 2023!

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