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Land Rover Adorable ‘Baby Defender’ roll off new EMA electric platform

Land Rover's Adorable 'Baby Defender'

Land Rover’s long-awaited ‘baby Defender’ is arriving soon. This mini 4×4 will mark a bold new segment for the brand.

So what can we expect from this pint-sized off-roader? At just 4.6m long, it’s much smaller than the rugged Defender we know and love. But Land Rover promises it’ll still deliver that trademark tough spirit.

Dubbed the ‘Defender Sport’, dimensions are around 4.6m x 2m x 1.8m. Although it’s billed as a baby Defender, Land Rover says it’ll pack plenty of “activism and adventure”. How can something so small be so mighty? We can’t wait to find out.

This little guy is focused more on tarmac than trails, but outdoorsy types can spec their Sport with a range of accessories, pricing estimated around $40,000.

Here’s the exciting part – the Sport will roll off the brand’s new EMA electric platform, that means next-gen tech that could give it serious performance creds, talking 800V fast charging, 350kW peak power, and batteries with way higher density than the I-Pace.

So when can we expect this ‘baby’ Defender to start making its debut? This cutie is slated to officially launch around 2024, hitting roads by 2027.

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