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Home » Audi ‘Shocking’ 700HP Electric RS6 Sedan Could Jolt the Performance World in 2025

Audi ‘Shocking’ 700HP Electric RS6 Sedan Could Jolt the Performance World in 2025

Electric RS6 Sedan

The Audi RS6 has built a cult following as a wagon exclusive, but electrification may resurrect the elusive RS6 sedan in stunning fashion.

According to insider sources, Audi plans to unveil an all-electric RS6 sedan in 2025 boasting nearly 700 horsepower. This would mark the first RS6 sedan since the V10-powered 2010 model.

Riding on Volkswagen’s forthcoming Premium Platform Electric architecture debuting in the 2024 Porsche Macan EV, the cutting-edge RS6 sedan aims to channel the soul of its gas-guzzling predecessors into an emission-free, tire-shredding machine.

Volkswagen SSP EV Platform Deliver 1700bhp by 2026, Promises Radical Performance

Volkswagen EV Platform

If output estimates prove accurate, this sinister sedan will churn out a devilish 200 more horses than even the 2023 RS6 Avant Performance model. Consequently, acceleration times should annihilate most production EVs, with 0-60 mph estimates hovering around a ludicrous 2.5 seconds.

The prospective performance will come courtesy of a high-output dual-motor AWD powertrain and enough charging capacity to add 180+ miles in just 10 minutes.

While not confirmed, the emotionally-charged RS6 sedan appears destined to become the crown jewel in Audi’s rapidly expanding EV portfolio. When this electrified beast hits streets, it may compel even devout RS6 wagon fans to accept an eye-popping, road-devouring sedan variant.

In the meantime, the sound of silence grows louder as Audi charges towards an all-electric performance future, the shockwaves from this RS6 sedan may jolt more than just the pavement when it bolts to life in 2025.

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