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Home » Tesla Model Y HW4 Computer Unable to Run Steam Due to Lower Specs

Tesla Model Y HW4 Computer Unable to Run Steam Due to Lower Specs

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Tesla has started rolling out their new Hardware 4 (HW4) computer system in the Model Y ( Tesla’s Latest Model Y Come Equipped with HW4 ), but a recent teardown has revealed some compromises compared to the previous HW3 computer.

Renowned Tesla hacker @greentheonly new shiny toys come equipped with HW4 Autopilot components (Tesla Model Y HW4 Inside picture, interesting features and differences GPU and RAM). However, a recent teardown has popped the hood on some surprising facts.dove into the HW4 hardware and found it only has 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. Since Steam requires a minimum of 16GB of RAM to run, it effectively rules out the possibility of using Steam on the new Model Y.

Tesla Model Y HW4.0 Board

Some owners have reported the HW4 infotainment system feeling very snappy. But over time as various app databases grow, owners may need to do a hard reset to restore them to their original state.

The HW4 looks to be a stripped down version compared to what’s used in the Model X/S. For instance, it lacks a discrete GPU, superior audio drivers, and uses cheaper non-ECC memory, also seems to remove two extra screen display interfaces that were added previously.

On the infotainment side, the Model Y’s HW4 is clearly limited versus HW3, with half the RAM at 8GB and half the storage at 128GB. So crossing Steam off the possibilities list, even though it was never officially supported anyway.

Further digging into the HW4 computer revealed an interesting adapter on the backside for compatibility with the old-style holes in the “firewall”. Tesla has attached sticker to deter opening up the unit. Meanwhile, the hose connectors are easier to remove than on HW3.

HW4 Autopilot board itself has several components removed compared to the Model S/X vehicles, no extra camera connectors or deserializer, and no debug ethernet.


Folks were curious about the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) used now instead of the old u-blox, removing the shield, it seems to be a custom solution or at least not an all-in-one like the u-blox.

The UFS (Universal Flash Storage) on HW4 is now a 128GB Samsung per SoC, whereas HW3 used 32GB Toshiba, more space for snapshot storage.

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