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CATL New EV ‘Shenxing’ Battery with 700km Range and 400km just 10 Minute Charging

CATL Shenxing battery

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) has unveiled its game-changing ‘Shenxing’ cell super charging battery, the first lithium iron phosphate 4C super charging battery ever made. This revolutionary battery boasts an astounding 700km range and can charge to 400km (248 miles) in just 10 minutes – an incredible achievement.

CATL Shenxing battery

CATL says the Shenxing battery utilizes sophisticated technologies like a super electron positive electrode, fast ion negative electrode, and specially engineered electrolyte formula. Together, these enable its lightning fast charging while maintaining exceptional stability and safety.

Even more impressive, the Shenxing battery can charge to 80% in 30 minutes at -10°C. This exceptional low temperature performance overcomes a key pain point for EV batteries today.

According to CATL CTO Gao Huan, the Shenxing battery has now entered mass production and will be available in vehicles starting 2024. This is great news for drivers frustrated with long charging times.

The launch comes as CATL extends its dominance as the number one power battery supplier globally. BYD, ranked second, had a total installation volume of approximately 47.7 GWh in the first half of the year. LG Energy Solution trailed closely behind with 44.1 GWh, while Panasonic was at 22.8 GWh. The battery installation volume of CATL is nearly the sum of BYD, LG Energy Solution, and Panasonic, demonstrating CATL’s dominant performance in the power battery field. In H1 2023, CATL’s installation volume grew 56.2% year-over-year to 112 GWh.

With revolutionary tech like the Shenxing battery, it’s no wonder CATL now holds 36.8% market share. As Gao said, “this is a new milestone for EV battery tech that will reshape mobility.”

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