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Tesla Refreshed Model 3 Debut at the 2023 Munich Auto Show this week


Tesla recently unveiled a refreshed version of its popular Model 3 electric sedan for the China market. While the updated EV brings welcome styling changes and interior tweaks, US customers likely won’t see it until late 2023 at the earliest.

The refreshed Model 3 made its debut at the 2023 Munich Auto Show this week. In China, pricing starts at RMB 259,900 ($36,490) for the rear-wheel drive model, rising to RMB 295,900 ($41,630) for the Long Range dual motor variant, detailed Tesla New Refreshed Model 3 Design, Price, SPECS Performance and EPA estimated range.

Visually, the front end retains the Model 3’s signature smooth, closed-off nose but gains subtle adjustments to the bumper and modernized headlamps. In back, new elongated wraparound taillights are joined by prominent TESLA lettering in lieu of the usual rear badge. Tesla also restyled the alloy wheels for a fresh look.


Inside, Tesla made minor changes to the minimalist interior like tweaking the steering wheel design and supposedly adding some physical buttons around the scroll wheels. Wood accents have been dropped, and the gear selector now resides on the ceiling.

Overall, the changes visually bring the Model 3 into the next era of Tesla design while preserving beloved touches from the original. Enthusiasts on social media have praised details like the seamless body-to-light styling and the new slim taillights.

Of course, the caveat is that eager US Tesla fans will likely have to wait over a year before experiencing the updated Model 3 in person. Elon Musk has noted on Twitter that full production for North America isn’t slated until Q4 2023. With any luck, those waiting may be rewarded with some additional modifications by then.

For now, the refreshed Model 3 provides a small preview of how Tesla’s given its EV icon a subtle but stylish makeover. The company appears to be following its tried-and-true formula – launch updated models in China first, then eventually bring that technology and design to the rest of the world.

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