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Home » Tesla Launches Extended Wall Connector and Cybervault Charger Warranty Service in China

Tesla Launches Extended Wall Connector and Cybervault Charger Warranty Service in China

Tesla Rolls Out Extended Wall Connector in china

Tesla is now offering an extended warranty service for its home charging equipment Wall Connector and Cybervault Charger in China, providing owners extra peace of mind.

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Priced between 299 RMB to 479 RMB depending on the charger model, the extended warranty lengthens the included warranty period after purchase.

Tesla Extended Warranty for Wall Connector in china

It provides coverage for repairs or replacements needed from any manufacturing defects under normal personal use. Accidental damage or wear and tear would not be covered.

The extended warranty also bundles in additional installation engineering warranty protection:

  • Up to 4 years for Tesla’s Gen 2 and Gen 3 Wall Connector models
  • Up to 2 years for the Portable Cybervault charger

With the service, Tesla’s after-sales support team guarantees 24/7 assistance throughout the extended warranty period.

The option of more comprehensive long-term warranty coverage provides peace of mind for Chinese owners investing in Tesla’s Wall Connector products. While an extra cost upfront, it can pay off by covering potential issues down the road outside of the standard warranty period.

As Tesla continues expanding in China, building owner confidence through service programs like extended warranties will be important. This latest offering caters to buyers seeking maximized protection for their at-home charging setups.

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