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Tesla Showcases Refreshed Model 3 Highland Advances in New Engineering Video


Tesla has released a new behind-the-scenes video spotlighting advances in the refreshed Model 3 Highland led by the company’s engineering team in China.

The clip features Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, putting the updated Model 3 through handling and performance testing.

Lars highlights the opportunity to redefine the entry premium segment from the ground up, stating the team developed “the best Model 3” with a focus on the China market.


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Details on new “Frequency Selective Damping” technology are teased that aim to match the ride feel of air suspension used on higher-end models. Adaptive damping on the Model 3 promises a more refined driving experience.

The video provides a rare insider’s view of Tesla testing and validating improvements for existing models, not just new vehicle launches.

While the Cybertruck and other future products grab headlines, iterations like the Model 3 refresh are critical for Tesla’s business today. Maintaining momentum for its high-volume sedan ensures continued success.

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And by empowering regional engineering centers like China, Tesla can develop enhancements tailored specifically to the tastes and preferences of local owners.

The new Model 3 doesn’t reinvent the wheel but rather fine-tunes an already winning formula. Tesla’s growing in-house engineering expertise enables responding quickly to market feedback.

With teams like Shanghai now taking the lead on refinements, Tesla’s ability to rapidly iterate and improve existing models looks better than ever.

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