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Tesla Gears Up For Imminent European Delivery of Upgraded Model 3 Highland


The wait is nearly over for European customers eagerly anticipating delivery of Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 Highland. The first upgraded electric sedans have been loaded onto trucks at Tesla’s Belgian distribution hub, ready to ship out across Europe imminently.

Photos reveal rows of newly built Model 3 Highlands wrapped and packed for efficient transportation to regional delivery centers. Tesla appears to be orchestrating a synchronized continental rollout to get vehicles to reservation holders promptly.


This fleet will help fulfill strong pre-order demand, as Tesla already opened Highland orders in markets like the UK (Deliveries Starting January 2024), and in Italy on September 1st, starting at €25,990. Customer response has been enthusiastic about the revamped interior, exterior styling, and increased range.

Tesla has indicated the first Model 3 Highland deliveries in Europe will commence very shortly in October. This ambitious timeline speaks to the logistics precision required to launch across multiple countries simultaneously.

As trucks depart Belgium filled with new Model 3s, excitement builds among customers awaiting their upgraded electric sedan. Tesla Annual Owner’s Day in France, drawing crowds of eager fans, Ultra Red Model 3 Highland on display at the castle, drawing admirers and test drives., Tesla’s European EV dominance began with the Model 3, and this refresh keeps it highly competitive.

Beyond fulfillment, Tesla will also make Highland vehicles available for test drives across retail locations so prospective buyers can experience the improvements firsthand.

Overall, Tesla continues pushing the EV revolution forward in Europe with a proven formula – sell compelling sustainable vehicles that demonstrate ownership benefits. The Model 3 has converted many drivers, and this revamped Highland version raises the bar further.

With European deliveries imminent, Tesla aims to show that purpose-driven products will win the continent. The Model 3 Highland sets the tone for accelerating the transition beyond gasoline vehicles to EVs with style, performance and low environmental impact.

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