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Tesla Stealth Gray Color Option for Model S and Model X, Replacing Midnight Silver

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Tesla has introduced a new zero-cost Stealth Gray exterior color choice for Model S and Model X vehicles purchased in the United States, matte charcoal hue replaces the outgoing Midnight Silver Metallic paint option on Tesla’s flagship sedans and SUVs.

According to Tesla’s design studio, Stealth Gray joins the current color palette at no extra charge beyond the base vehicle price, makes it a more affordable alternative to the $1500 Obssidian Black and $2000 Red Multi-Coat premium options.

The monochromatic Stealth Gray features a smooth flat finish that mimics the look of a wrap. Unlike wraps however, the factory paint is fully integrated into the production process to ensure consistent quality and durability.

Stealth Gray for Model S and Model X

Photos reveal the dark gray colorway gives Model S and Model X a sinister, batmobile-esque vibe. Muted matte finish projects a commanding high-end presence on the road.

Tesla vehicles wrapped in satin or matte finishes have grown increasingly popular for enhancing the stealthy, Rolls Out Factory Color Wrap Options for Model 3 and Model Y, futuristic aesthetics. Offering Stealth Gray direct from the factory provides this look in a more seamless OEM package.

The new color choice carries over from Tesla’s Chinese-made refreshed Model 3, which already features a factory matte Stealth Gray option. Now American customers can spec the distinctive gray tone regardless of Tesla model.

With constant small iterations and improvements, Tesla continues finding new ways to elevate the ownership experience, unique color options like Stealth Gray add personal flair and desirability.

For Tesla fans seeking a head-turning appearance that plays up the vehicles’ edgy style, choosing Stealth Gray checks all the boxes, newly available hue offers a classy yet menacing look.

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