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Code Hints at Updated Tesla Model 3 ‘Sport’ Version with Performance Seating


Tesla’s latest over-the-air software update contains intriguing clues about a updated Model 3 Sport variant potentially in the works. Code uncovered by @greentheonly reveals plans for sportier seats that suggest a performance-oriented version may be coming.

Model 3 Sport

The refreshed Model 3 began deliveries in European and China with updated interior and exterior designs. But a recent look at Tesla’s parts catalog pointed to an unannounced high-performance Model 3 on the horizon.

Analysis of the new software confirms two seat options for the refreshed Model 3 – a standard design and sport version. The sport seats feature bolstered cushioning and integrated headrests for enhanced lateral support during spirited driving.

Additionally, rear seats will be available with and without headrests for the center position, adding functionality. These small details provide further evidence of a Model 3 Sport model.

While concrete details remain unconfirmed, the new Long Range Model 3 boasts a WLTP range of 713 km, 200 km/h top speed, and 4.4 second 0-100 km/h time. A revamped Performance version built on this platform could offer even faster acceleration and handling.

As Tesla continues expanding Model 3’s appeal, introducing a new range-topping Sport trim to slot above the standard Performance makes sense. This would provide customers seeking the ultimate in agility and driving thrills an exciting new option.

Tesla has a history of using software updates to lay the groundwork for new models and features ahead of official announcements. The discovery of Model 3 sport seats and other small clues suggests exciting performance news may come soon.

With the Model 3 refreshed now spreading globally, Tesla appears to already have its sights set on the next evolution to unleash the full potential of its best-selling sedan. A new Model 3 Sport variant would reinforce Tesla’s identity as the leader in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable driving excitement.

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