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Home » Starlink Makes Waves: How SpaceX Internet Service is Revolutionizing the Cruise Industry

Starlink Makes Waves: How SpaceX Internet Service is Revolutionizing the Cruise Industry

Starlink Satellite Internet Trial for Ships

SpaceX’s Starlink has emerged as a true game-changer for the cruise industry. Just ask Josh Weinstein, CEO of Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise company. He’s singing Starlink’s praises, and it’s not hard to see why.

“We completed the rollout of Starlink this quarter,” Weinstein announced, barely able to contain his excitement. “It’s another revenue uplift opportunity and a real game-changer for our onboard connectivity experience.” But what’s got the big boss so stoked?

You’re on a dream vacation, eager to share every sun-soaked moment with friends back home, only to find yourself wrestling with glacial internet speeds. Well, those days might just be sailing into the sunset.

Weinstein’s not mincing words: “We’re spending more on bandwidth than we ever have, and it’s generating outsized returns because people love the service. It’s land-like, and it’s something people are willing to pay for.”

Cruise Starlink service

It’s not just about keeping Instagram feeds freshly stocked with envy-inducing vacay pics. The Starlink rollout is a triple threat:

  • Guests stay connected
  • Crew members can keep in touch with loved ones
  • Onboard operational systems get a serious upgrade

As Weinstein puts it, it’s a “win-win-win” situation. Who doesn’t love a good triple win?

Carnival’s not just dipping its toes in the water here. They’re diving in headfirst, reinvesting in bandwidth to drive their onboard experience strategy. “There’s examples up and down the P&L where we’re very happy to reinvest to drive the right behaviors to get the revenue that we’re looking for,” Weinstein explained, sounding like a kid who just found the keys to the candy store.

The company kicked off its fleetwide Starlink rollout back in December 2022, starting with Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA Cruises ships. Since then, the rest of the Carnival family – including Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and others – have jumped on board.

It’s not just vacationers reaping the benefits of Starlink’s stellar connectivity. Maus Incognito, who works on an Antarctic research ship, chimed in with their two cents: “We spend 3-4 months away from our families and home. It’s been a game-changer for us to keep in contact with family and manage our business affairs back home. Best technology for seafarers in the last 20 years by far.”

In January, Starlink announced an enticing free trial offer two months a $10k value of its high-speed broadband services for ships at sea. Partners with Maersk, Qatar Airways and Mitsui O.S.K. etc, deal marks a major customer win for Starlink’s maritime service as it aims to digitally transform life and work at sea.

Now that’s what you call making waves in more ways than one. As Starlink continues to expand its reach across the seven seas, it’s clear that SpaceX isn’t just shooting for the stars – they’re bringing a piece of terra firma to the high seas, one cruise ship at a time.