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Tesla Model 3 Goes through a Facelift: What’s New with the Highland Project?


Tesla has recently sparked excitement among car enthusiasts with the news of promotional discounts for the Model 3 in both the Chinese and North American markets. These discounts have led many to speculate that a new and improved Tesla Model 3 is on the horizon. And if insider reports are anything to go by, that speculation could very well be true.

According to insiders, the upcoming Tesla Model 3, codenamed “Highland” : (First Look: Tesla Model 3 Facelift Revealed in Leaked, Code-Named ‘Highland’) will feature a battery pack upgrade for its base rear-wheel-drive model. Insiders spilled the beans that the new iteration of the Model 3 coming outta Gigafactory Shanghai’s gonna get a battery upgrade to 66kWh thanks to a new partnership with CATL, souped-up battery pack’s gonna power the redesigned Model 3 and future Model Y’s, to boot.

Tesla has been tight-lipped about the Highland project, but glimpses of the new design have been spotted multiple times. If the rumors and spy shots ring true, the Highland Model 3’s gonna inherit some swanky features from the Model S and X like cooled seats and ambient lighting. Wonder if they’ll toss in an upgraded sound system for those audiophiles out there? Leaked pics show some changes to the headlights, bumpers and say bye-bye to the gear shifter.

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Tesla Fans Spotted a Facelifted Version Testing

Model 3 Highland will include ambient lighting and an upgraded sound system. While these features are not necessarily groundbreaking, they are common in many high-end vehicles. Of course, individual preferences vary, but there is no denying that an upgraded sound system can enhance the driving experience. As for the specifics of the upgrade, there is no concrete information available yet, but rumors suggest that a second subwoofer might be added.

Meanwhile, on the interior, there are signs of a new steering wheel and the removal of the gear shifter.

It is reported that the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory has already started trial production of the Model 3 Highland. Meanwhile, the Fremont factory’s Model 3 production line will be shut down for a week-long retooling to accommodate the new design.

Whaddya think of Tesla’s plans for the new Highland Model 3? The only way to know for sure is to see if Elon and company actually make these radical changes to their popular Model 3. We’ll be keeping an eye out for an official announcement and details from Tesla about the redesigned Model 3’s release date and specs.

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