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DJI Poised to Disrupt eBike Industry with Mysterious ‘EB’ Project


Drone giant DJI appears ready to take flight into a new market – electric bicycles. The company has a confidential project codenamed ‘EB’ in the works, aiming to unleash DJI’s innovative tech in the high-end eBike scene.

This surprising eBike gambit is led by senior engineer Alex Jia, known for DJI’s Ronin camera stabilizers. Initiated pre-2020, EB seems to be honing in on off-road sports segments with premium positioning. DJI’s latest progress involves crafting its own proprietary eBike system.

The move places DJI on a collision course with established European and growing US eBike brands. Europe boasts 250 million bikes with 20 million sold annually. eBike penetration could hit 50% by 2025 as popularity swells. Meanwhile the US sports cycling population keeps expanding yearly.

Unlike budget $1000 eBikes supplied for bike shares, DJI is targeting higher-end models around $4000. These boast superior motors and batteries required for sports and off-roading. This premium market niche seems ripe for disruption by DJI’s tech innovations.

DJI’s current business streams include aerial drones, handheld camera gimbals, and commercial solutions for agriculture, industrial use and more. Automotive is DJI’s newest venture via its ‘Chengxing’ smart driving platform. DJI Announces Intelligent Driving Solutions in China Includes Configuration of 7V/9V

DJI Automotive

DJI Automotive already powers the new Yun Duo car released this month in China. DJI’s own branded vehicle with enhanced tech arrives in September, potentially previewing eBike advancements.

Yun Duo

With expertise in sophisticated stabilization, motors, batteries, controls and sensors, DJI has immense potential to revolutionize eBike performance and experience. Integrating navigation, safety and entertainment features could differentiate DJI’s eBikes.

Rumors suggest the EB project involves crafting an unprecedented proprietary eBike system from the ground up. That hints at breakthroughs we can’t even envision yet, beyond incremental eBike improvements.

DJI has disrupted aerial filming and photography with its leading drone tech. The company seems poised to repeat this in automotive spheres. Now the eBike industry looks set to feel the ripples of DJI’s unrelenting innovation.

For cyclists, DJI entering the market signals a welcome infusion of fresh ideas and cutting-edge capabilities. With the EB project still shrouded in secrecy, all we know is that a DJI eBike will be an exciting ride when it inevitably arrives. The company has consistently exceeded expectations. Now eBike competitors are on notice to brace for the coming DJI disruption.

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