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Home » Kuo: Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries to Start Slow in 2023, Ramp to Over 200,000 by 2025

Kuo: Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries to Start Slow in 2023, Ramp to Over 200,000 by 2025

Elon musk drive Cybertruck

According to respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck is slated to begin deliveries by the end of 2023. But initial volumes will be very limited.

Tesla Cybertruck

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Kuo estimates Cybertruck shipments will only reach 100-200 units this year as production ramps up slowly. Volumes are forecast to climb to 100,000-120,000 vehicles in 2024, rising further to 240,000-260,000 units by 2025 as manufacturing scales to meet demand.

Thanks to its radical aerodynamic design, Kuo believes the Cybertruck will maintain a competitive advantage in the pickup truck segment through 2030. This suggests the futuristic exterior styling will remain largely unchanged for many years. An all-new redesigned “Cybertruck 2” likely won’t arrive until after 2030.

Until then, Tesla will offer upgraded Cybertruck variants with improved specifications but sticking with the same iconic silhouette that has generated so much buzz.

Kuo sees the Cybertruck becoming a major contributor to Tesla’s revenue and earnings over the next decade, unaffected by seasonal or economic fluctuations.

The speculative Cybertruck timeframes remain fluid though, as Tesla has already faced delays. Initially unveiled in 2019, production was originally supposed to begin in 2021. Elon Musk had hoped to start deliveries in Q3 2023, Cybertruck Hype Hits Fever Pitch As Preorders Cross 2 Million, but this latest prediction indicates we may need to wait a little longer to see the radical electric truck on public roads.

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