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Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson Throwing Shade at Tesla ‘Distracted’

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson is once again claiming that his upstart EV company has surpassed Elon’s pioneering automaker when it comes to core electric vehicle technology.

“I think if we look back in time 10-15 years ago, Tesla was the tech leader,” Rawlinson stated in a new interview. “I think there’s a degree of distraction now and I think Lucid has taken that mantle.”

Shots fired! The former Tesla engineer alleges Tesla has lost its edge and become “distracted” in recent years, allowing Lucid to seize the tech crown. But does this self-proclaimed “mantle” grab hold water?

Let’s start with the slightly delusional notion that Lucid is straight-up years ahead of Tesla in “core technology.” Sure, the correct in terms of battery kWH boasts impressive efficiency and range numbers thanks to powertrain and ultra-aerodynamic design. (Tesla Model S Plaid vs Lucid Air Sapphire), pure RWD EPA-rated 4.1 miles/kWh puts it considerably ahead of the most efficient version of the Model S.


That EV engineering wizardry comes at a staggering premium price that very few customers can actually afford. Plus, lest we forget that Lucid has yet to ship a single vehicle beyond those early $170k ultra-luxury launch editions. Bigger challenges still await when attempting affordable, high-volume manufacturing.

Essentially, Rawlinson is arguing that by hyper-focusing on building the pinnacle of a niche halo car, Lucid has out-innovated the pioneer that’s spent over a decade mastering bleeding-edge electric drivetrains at mass scale while vertically integrating game-changing battery production, AI, and autonomous systems simultaneously.

Where exactly is this so-called Tesla “distraction” coming from? Could it be the industry-leading Supercharger network, best-selling Model Y, or next-gen Robotaxi endeavors? Those all seem squarely within Elon’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

For now, the “tech leader” mantle grab just comes across as a premature victory lap for Lucid. Let’s chat again once they successfully navigate the “production hell” Tesla has already conquered.