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Ford Capri: Classic Name, Electric Future – Unveiling the New SUV

Ford Capri EV

Ford Europe has unveiled its latest electric vehicle, breathing new life into a beloved nameplate. The all-new Ford Capri, reimagined as an electric SUV, marks a bold step in the company’s electrification strategy. This launch from Ford’s Cologne Electric Vehicle Center represents a significant departure from the Capri’s original design, adapting to current market trends and technological advancements.

The Ford Capri, once known for its long-bonneted, sporty silhouette, has undergone a dramatic transformation. Now positioned as an SUV-crossover, the new Capri leverages Volkswagen’s ID. technology platform, sharing underpinnings with the ID.5. This collaboration showcases Ford’s strategic approach to electric vehicle development, balancing innovation with cost-effective production.

Ford Capri EV

While the new Ford Capri may not resemble its predecessor, it boasts impressive specifications:

  • Starting price: Approximately $56k USD
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds
  • Battery capacity: Up to 79 kWh
  • WLTP range: Up to 390 miles
  • Charging speed: Up to 185 kW
  • Length: 183 inches

These figures position the Capri competitively in the electric SUV market, offering a blend of performance and practicality.

The decision to revive the Capri name for an electric SUV has sparked debate among automotive enthusiasts. Critics argue that manufacturers should focus on producing more affordable electric vehicles to accelerate adoption. However, Ford’s strategy with the Capri appears to target the premium EV segment, potentially limiting its mass-market appeal.

Assembled in Germany, the new Ford Capri emphasizes Ford’s commitment to European manufacturing. This localized production may help streamline distribution and reduce costs in key European markets.

As the automotive industry transitions towards electrification, consumer expectations are evolving. The success of the Ford Capri will likely depend on its ability to balance nostalgia with modern features and performance. Additionally, Ford must navigate the challenge of pricing electric vehicles competitively while maintaining profitability.

The reborn Ford Capri faces a charged market, where it must prove it can accelerate past its competitors and capture the imagination of a new generation of drivers. Whether it will spark a revolution or short-circuit remains to be seen, but one thing’s certain: Ford’s electric ambitions are in full gear.

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